Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Ribbon

Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Ribbon

Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Ribbon
Add a touch of elegance to your DIY projects with our Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Ribbon. Available in 4 sizes and a total of 4 yards, you can cut the length of the ribbon according to your preferences to meet your multiple needs. Our high-quality rhinestones boast vibrant color, excellent clarity, and generous faceting for the ultimate bling and sparkle. The self-adhesive crystal rhinestone ribbon is shiny under the light, featuring a special aurora boreal color that will make your crafts more attractive. Easy to use, simply cut into different shapes or lengths as you need, peel off the back paper of the sticker and press on different surfaces, such as car decoration, clothing, phone, Christmas decorations, and more. Please note that it is recommended not to touch water or other liquids for 48 hours after pasting to ensure the best result. Suitable for decorating inside and outside of vehicles, cellphones, laptops, cups, shoes, cellphone chargers, and any decoration you want. Great for any celebrations, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries parties, and more. Order your Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Ribbon today and add some sparkle to your life!

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